HEROW offers a wide variety of applications and uses cases.

To better help you leverage location and geofencing data, HEROW is integrated with 3 main types of solutions (more information here).

To do so, HEROW relies on 3 main events:

  • ZONE_ENTER - When a user enters a place

  • HOME_OFFICE - When HEROW detect someone's key context

  • NOTIFICATION_RECEIVED/OPEN - When a user interacts with a notification

You will discover below the conditions required to use them, their payloads, and a few examples of what to do with them.

ZONE_ENTER: HEROW's Cornerstone

To generate these events, your users need to have the SDK installed and the GDPR & location permission set to [ON]. On your end, you'll need import places on your HEROW account.

Each time a user is detected entering (or turning his device on) a zone, an event will fire in real-time with the following payload:

"visit_type" : "ZONE_ENTER",
"customId" : "customId", // User Information
"deviceId" : "phoneId",

"place_name" : "placeName",
"place_id" : "placeId" // Place Data
"tags" : Supermarket, Carrefour City,

"irisCode" : "751072812",
"zipCode" : "75107",
"city" : "Paris 7e Arrondissement", // Location Data
"country" : "FRANCE",
"geohash" : "u0dk5p",

"confidence" : 0.0,
"accuracy" : 5.0, // Precision
"distanceToCenter" : 443.0,

Use each event to:

  • Trigger engagement when users enter a "Supermarket" (using "tag")

  • Create cohorts of users sharing common attributes (using "custom_id"), located in places (using "tag"), or given locations (using Location Data).

  • Enrich user profiles by knowing which types of places he/she often goes to (using Place Data) or where he is/was (using Location Data).

HOME_OFFICE: context events to qualify your users

To start generating HOME & OFFICE events, your users need to have installed the SDK for approximately 10 days and need to be using your app every now and then.

Anytime a new or updated context (Home or Office) is detected, an update event will be triggered (max 1/user/day).

Homes & Offices contexts recognized by HEROW

Each individual context event looks like this:

"event_name": "HOME", or "OFFICE"
"time": 1627290730, // Event Information
"timestamp": "2021-07-26T11:12:10",

"distinct_id": "customId",
"custom_id": "customId", // User Information
"device_id": "phoneId",

"confidence": 1, // Confidence level

"city": "Metz",
"country": "FRANCE",
"geo_hash": "u0dhr5", // Location Data
"zip_code": "57000",
"zone_iris": "5740000"

Using these context events you can create use cases like:

  • Target tourists at a given time by taking all ZONE_ENTER distinct custom_id from a geographic area and exclude custom_id with an associated HOME or OFFICE.

  • Create cohorts of people with common context events (using Location Data).

NOTIFICATION_RECEIVED/OPENED: to leverage proximity-based notifications in your marketing stack

HEROW has a native proximity-based notification module that enables triggering notification messages based on place entries. HEROW then generates 2 events, the first when the notification is received then opened.

Link notification & places to optimize your communication

Here is the payload generated when a user receives/opens a HEROW native notification.

"time": 1627237028, // Event Information
"timestamp": "2021-07-25T20:17:08",

"distinct_id": "distinct_id",
"custom_id": "custom@app.com", // User Information
"device_id": "CE246082-1377-46F7-9B41-A2G5T5",

"confidence": 1, // Confidence Level

"place_id": "04t0gng",
"place_name": "maison", // Place Data
"tag": "common",

"city": "Paris, 7eme arrondissement",
"country": "FRANCE", // Location Data
"zip_code": "70007",
"zone_iris": "750070202"

Using this data, you can:

  • Condition your engagement funnel's next step for a given user (using "custom_id" ).

  • Analyze the performance of your notifications by store (using "place_name") or category (using "tag").

Where can I use find these?

On your HEROW account, simply go to your parameters (upper-right settings icon on the left side management panel) and you will be able to connect to either a custom URL or a set of selected technology partners:

  • Webhooks: send your HEROW events to any custom URL.

  • Integration Partners: select the partners you want to send your HEROW events to.

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