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A bit of Context

Geolocation & Geofencing are key information to leverage in your app development strategy.

Indeed, not only do they characterize your users on a geographic level (which country do I live in or which city) which is key when you want to address them but more importantly, your whereabouts tell your own personal story ("tell me where you go, I'll tell you who you are").

HEROW has the mission to help apps deliver the right content (no more "Flash Offer in Paris" when you live in Lyon) at the right time (when you are running errands, not when you are driving your car).

Some of HEROW's key integration partners

Our Integration Partners

To do so, HEROW integrates with 3 different types of partners with 3 distinct objectives:

  1. Engagement Solutions - deliver timely & contextualized content

  2. Analytics Platforms - measure the traffic at key places

  3. Customer Data Platforms - aggregate data on a user level

Engagement Solutions

Like Airship or Iterable, engagement solutions help you deliver the best messages at the perfect timing and HEROW greatly helps in doing so.

Use HEROW events to do the following:

<< I want to trigger a message when a user is in my store. >>

<< I want to trigger an email when my user is detected at home >>

With HEROW, you are no longer limited to using online behavior as triggers but can now use events in the real world to power your marketing.

Analytics Platforms

Much like our partner Mixpanel, Analytics solution are there to help you make sense of the data generated from your users. Using HEROW, you can now analyse the behavior of your users in the real world.

Using HEROW place events and Home & Office detection to:

<<Visualize who went to Carrefour last week >>

<< Display the proportion of my users in each district of Paris >>

<< Know who among my users live in Belgium >>

Customer Data Platform

Use platforms like Segment or mParticle to centralize your user data from many different sources. Enrich your customer profiles (and therefore advertising CPM) with information like.

<< who visited this brand last month >>

<< What is the location distribution of my user's home>>

<< What is a given user's last known location >>

Here are some basic use cases HEROW can be used for, reach out to us if you'd like to see your solution or one of your partner integrated!

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