Hi HEROW users,

Now in full remote, HEROW's team found new ways to organize itself and bring you some new exciting features to try on our platform!

Our major update this month is the complete reshape of the heart of our product: Zone Analytics. We also made improvements to our export functions and geofencing technology, introducing a confidence index (available in our API and Integration).

Zone Analytics

New & Improved Zone Analytics Section

Horray to a whole new world of possibilities with the newly updated HEROW Zone Analytics section. From now on, you can easily compare zones or categories using geographical filtering.

I want to know how my location performs across different cities?


I want to know which zone in one cat├ęgory performs the best in a specific country

We also added duration filters to compare apples with apples and users' visit frequency to select users with the same behaviors.

Confidence Index

HEROW zone API result

Do you wish to use our foot traffic information to charge your partners based on traffic generated by your app?

However, to do so you need a high certainty on your foot traffic information? Confidence index available on our API and in the data sent to our integrated partner will just help you achieve that.

From now on just set up the minimum threshold you'd like to apply and you will easily be able to only capture visits above this threshold.

As always, please let us know if you need any additional information on the above or wish to get a more thorough explanation.

We hope you enjoyed this month's novelty digest and wish you a fantastic week!

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