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How to create a notification (push or proximity-based) directing your users to specific content in your app.


Whether you want to highlight a newly released feature or simplify the user experience through your app to specific content, using deep links is a clever way to route your users directly to the needed content.

Deep links are pathways to direct users to a specific page in your app rather than your Home Page or an external website.

While creating a notification in the engagement section (push or proximity-based notification), don forget to fill in the pathway to the desired content/page in your app.

HEROW's notification builder with deep link placeholder

Then once this notification created, associate it to a specific set of locations or push it right now.

Let your user know about your novelties

With this tool in hand, you can create campaigns aiming at increasing the average time spent on the app by promoting all new releases.

You can also easily combine deep links with remarketing segments to target the desired audience.

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