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How to create remarketing campaigns based on users’ habits at a specific location.


You might wonder, “how do I create engagement that fits only a certain type of users that have certain behaviors” without aiming at the rest of your user population? Then, HEROW helps you do just that.

Let’s take the following example:

"I want to target users that go twice a week at Starbucks to share with them a specific coupon to reward them for their loyalty and share a discount code to encourage them to come the next day. "

Create geofences around your desired context

Using the map interface, just create geofences around the local store you want to create your segment on.

Pin your context of interest

More information on how to create geofences and organize them into categories.

Create user segments based on recurring visits

To create an activable audience to whom you will send out your notifications, just create a segment based on recurring visits via “create segments”.

Create an event (green) “visited a location, 2 times or more”, a location type (purple) “Starbucks location” during a specific timeframe (blue) “last month”.

How to build a segment based on recurring visits

Create a campaign aiming at that specific segment and location

Select the particular segment you’re interested in: Starbuck Customers.

Create a notification based on the real-life moment “exit” from the category “Starbucks”. Design your notification with the specif promo code.

Congratulation, you just created your first remarketing campaign!

From now on, all your users that went more than 2 times last month at a Starbuck will be notified the next time they leave on of these locations with this specific coupon.

If you have any questions on how to implement remarketing campaigns for your app, just get in touch with your dedicated Customer Success Manager!

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