Dear HEROW users,

Amidst the current situation, we hope you and your loved ones are safe!

However, this does not stop us at HEROW from working daily to bring you the best experience to your mobile app users!

Our desir is to make HEROW a top-of-the-line product, that easily integrates in your marketing stack, quickly and efficienlty offering you insights and a wide range of actions to boost your retention and acquisition strategies. We also worked on the "First Location", a crucial information for both analysis and segmentation.

NEW Integrated Partners

March & April new partners

In a nutshell, if you are not familiar with these tools: 

  • Iterable: marketing platform for cross-channel customer engagement.
  • mparticle: customer data platform integrating all of your user data and orchestrating it.
  • Airship: multi-channel customer engagement platform.

Also, we worked on improving our partner dashboard to facilitate the visalization of the data you wish to send out to this third parties.

Easy to handle partner integration module

  • Live Events: Entry & Exit of any  HEROW location (including Home & Work).

  • User Location Attributes: Country, City and ZIP code for Home, Work and First Location.

  • Segments: Any user attributes listed the HEROW platform (Native and Custom).

Using this data, you can easily extract location analytics, create triggers and real-world activity segments (such as recurring visits at a specific shop) to enrich your user scenarios. 

Feel free to contact us directly if you wish to explore use cases for your app!

First Location Data

Essentially, "First Location" help you to capture an essential information:

Where are my users when they download my app?

Often seen as an early substitute to Home and Work information, first location can be used to analyse your user geographical distribution (User Insights) or activate engagement (Native Segments).

User Insights > Top 10 Users' Locations > First Location

We had a blast working on these updates and would love to hear your feedback on it! 

As a teaser, we are currently investing a lot of energy to bringing major updates on our Zone Analytics section. 

We wish you a very nice week and will soon be in touch!


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