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How to use your generic dashboard to analyze your users’ app usage frequency and understand which contexts are driving up activity rates on your app. Use or create segments based on these preferred contexts and generate interactions when and where users are likely to open your app.


Great retention is the one of performance marketer’s holy grail. How do I keep my users engaged and keep them coming back to my app?

 While a big part of it has to play with your app’s content but also with when/where/who and how that content is being delivered, HEROW just helps you do that.

How well does my app perform?

To start with, your HEROW app dashboard help you track the overall activity rates of your app. This pie chart gives you in a glance the essential metrics on usage distribution in 6 categories, from Super Users who use the app every day to Dormant Users, who did not use it in the last 10 days.

App usage distribution

To complement this picture, HEROW provides you with this data over time in your app usage section. 

Observe the variations correlated with key UX/UI or Marketing decisions to know if you’re on the right track.

App usage evolution over time

When / Where: Moments & contexts driving app activity? 

Once your generic activity rates monitored, you can go one level deeper to understand what contexts play the most important role. To start doing so, just pin the locations that matter to your app then group these by contexts using our category tags.

When are my users active?

First, HEROW gives you access to an aggregated version of when are your users active during the day. This is basically WHEN you should interact with them to yield the best results.

When your users use your app

What is their preferred context

Secondly, HEROW gives you the perfect picture of the best performing contexts. In your App Usage, select “Activity rate”. This is WHERE you should focus your efforts.

Preferred context from your user base

With both this information in hand you already know the top contexts for engagement and the top moments to do it. Now let’s act on this knowledge.

Who / How: Group users and create interactions

Group users based on their preferred contexts

Using HEROW native segments, users are grouped by their preferred contexts. These groups are the most likely to respond to your engagement in each of the given contexts. This is the WHO. Alternatively, you can create segments of users who visited these contexts recently.

HEROW native segments on preferred context

Generate interactions

Then, the last leg of interacting with your users to drive usage rate up can be achieved in two different ways. This is the HOW.

  • HEROW engagement 

Create notification campaigns on specific contexts to users that prefer this very context at the highest usage moment of the day.

  • Integrated Partners

Send events [enters the specific context] and attributes [preference segment] of each user through our partner integrations (Segment, Iterable, Mixpanel…) and trigger specific actions to drive activity upward.

Once these 3 steps achieved, just repeat the process :)

If you wish to know more about how HEROW can help you drive your activity rates up? Do not hesitate to reach out to us through the platform’s chat!

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