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How to reconcile HEROW data with the other platforms used in your marketing stack. This way you will be able to engage users in cross platforms experiences and leverage on data from one party to enrich your knowledge on another.


HEROW enables you to monitor the real-world activity of your users. Position data as well as geofences entry/exit, segmentation information and engagement metrics are associated with users’ device IDs and advertising IDs (IDFA for Apple and AAID for Google). These two IDs are unique to each device. 

HEROW Custom User ID

To reconcile the activity of one device, HEROW enables you to set a customID to bridge your user’s data. Say the Apple deviceID (XXXXXXXX–XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX) will be matched with username@email.com

By setting up this common identifier between your platform, you will be able to link information across channels.

Applied examples: 

Using the HEROW custom user id, you will be able to know that John, visited last week a shop down 5th Ave and made a purchase online in the next few hours as the shop was out of stock for this specific item.

Custom User IDs examples:

  • Email
  • Username
  • UUID (Universally Unique IDentifier)

How to do it

Use the following method when the user log in.


If the user logout, you can use the removeCustomId method.


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