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What are the maximum quotas allowed for you to push or pull data from the HEROW platform.


HEROW used to allow each account to request a total maximum of 500,000 daily requests. These were distributed in a linear manner in time, allowing you up to 5.8 rps.

 However, we decided to modify this to match our users’ need for a higher capping while preserving the integrity of our platform at any given time.

New Quota System

Our new API quota structure relies on time periods (day, hours, second)  were a capped portion of the total requests can be made. 

Here are the requests’ maximums for each time period: 


In order to avoid potential requests overloads, each time period is capped, following 3 methods. Once the capping reached, one must wait the next time period to continue its pending request.

  • Second: equally distributed (each 100ms).
  • Hour: splitted in 2 periods of 30 mins (max of 12,500 requests per 30 mins).
  • Day: splitted in 4 periods of 6 hours (max of 125,000 requests per 6 hours).

For any additional questions or requests regarding our API structure, feel free to reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager through the platform’s chat.

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