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This article will give you the keys to automate your engagement campaigns: from campaign creation using our campaign API to notification content using our custom user data API.


HEROW enables you to automatically create campaigns from your app’s backend on HEROW. Using HEROW’s custom user data API, you can add user's dynamic fields such as name, age or about any other individual information to dynamically customize your campaigns (ex: Hi {{name}}, we see that you like {{favorite restaurant category}}, get to your nearest shop: {{local shop name}} and get 30% off the whole menu.

Campaign API: create dynamic engagement campaigns

From your own backend, you can automatically generate a campaign without having to set it up from HEROW. Input all the parameters from your own system (date, time, zones, content, and capping) to create your campaign.

Create a proximity-based notification campaign anytime one of your partners has a new offer available. Update or delete this campaign if the offer changes or runs out of stock. 

Using this API, you can also modify the parameters from this campaign, delete it or fetch the analytics related to it. This way, one can automate the campaign creation based on a certain trigger in its backend and take actions without having to use the HEROW platform. 


Dynamic Fields: create custom content for each user

To bring your engagement content to a whole new level, HEROW enables you to create customized notifications for each user. Beyond simply choosing specific segments that you’d like to target (more information on our native and custom segments articles), you can now include dynamic fields in your notifications’ titles and contents.

By default, some dynamic fields are already available to personalize your notification content, among which:

  • Zone: Name, Radius, Category, Address, Zip code, Country
  • User: Custom ID, Home & Work(Address, Zip code, City, Country)

The CustomID can be easily integrated into your app using our dedicated iOS and Android resources.

You can also customize the content of your notifications using the HEROW Custom User Data API. This API enables you to associate any attribute(s) associated with a user in your marketing stack, from gender to age, last purchase or favorite category in your app

Add any personnal information at "key" to personnalize each notification.

Thes two methods virtually leave you with endless options to customize all your future communication, creating campaigns when specific actions are triggered in your app’s UX with personalized content fitting exactly each one of your users' preferences 

If you wish to learn more about how to implement dynamic campaigns, do not hesitate to reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager!

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