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How using HEROW, you can easily roll out innovative solutions to understand your users’ preferences, drive them to your locations (or partners), measure your foot traffic, communicate when the time is right (either right now or at specific moments).


HEROW is a location intelligence platform that combines multiple features organized around 3 key sections: Analytics, Segmentation, and Engagement. 

For more information on these, feel free to check our dedicated article: HEROW at a glance.

Using these modules, you can create multiple scenarios to analyze your user base (and take appropriate UI or business decisions), segment its users based on real-world actions and generate targeted engagement.

How can I create value for my app?

Well, spot-on, you will find below some examples of how HEROW can bring concrete value to YOUR app!

Learn instantly which of your users go to a coffee shop every morning.

#1: Understand your User’s preferences by knowing where they go


You have plenty of tools to monitor your app’s usage but you don’t know at all where your users use your app or even what they do when they have it closed. Do they have particular habits, hobbies or even are they occupied doing something else when you want to send them content?

By understanding what your users’ daily life is like, where they go, you will ultimately be able to know who they are and what might interest them.


Using HEROW you can make sense of physical movements of your user base and understand their behaviors in the real world. You will receive daily reports on your users’ foot traffic patterns (where they go, how often, how long) to deduce their preferences and key moments for interaction.

Map your context of interest to understand your user’s preferences


Don’t waste efforts and time trying to decipher who your users are anymore. Understand all their preferences of your users and apply this to your bottom line strategy: from UI evolutions to Marketing strategy and partnerships. This is the occasion to create a unique bond with your audience and create an always-improving service for them.

Drive your user to their nearby partner shops.

#2: Create localized communications


Many apps have a network of partners (or shops) and a user base distributed between multiple geographies. How do you deliver relevant information to a local audience?

In an ideal world, each user will only receive messages from nearby locations (close to where he/she lives or on his/her daily commute route) that might interest him and each shop tenant/brand could advertise its content and deals in the area.


Use HEROW to precisely know where your users are and create proximity-based interactions. This way each of your partners can create targeted interactions with its own content solely to users around.

Example of local communication for users living in Manhattan, New York City or people stepping nearby the Madison Square Garden.

Example of a Drive to Store communication sent through notification


Users are fed up with standardized campaigns and want to receive content that is likely to interest them and be reachable. Receive promotions from your corner street shop will not only drive engagement and purchases up, but also loyalty as your users will feel like your communication is coherent with their environment. 

Know in real time who visited which location.

#3: Measure your shops or partners’ visits


Your app offers aggregate deals in selected numbers of partner locations but has no way of keeping track of who went to which place. How to prove to your partners the exact amount of customers you are bringing to them? 

I’ve seen a listing for a special event on my favorite going-out app, go there to check it out but get dragged into so many mindblowing conversations that I never remind to check-in. The location tenant will never know I was here thanks to this particular app, neither will the app itself.

Know precisely how many users were in each location


Using HEROW to create a precise visit report for your partners. Let them know precisely how many customers your app is bringing to them every day. Add to that information like length of visits, recurrence and you have the secret sauce for putting a price tag on the value you are bringing them.


This information gives your shop tenants a concrete understanding of the value your app may bring to them and will push them to become promoters of your service among their network. For your end-users, you will be able to know which location is their preferred one and push relevant content (Case #1).

Trigger engagement when the momentum is high.

#4: Communicate when you users want and need it


Apps almost often miss-target when they send their daily piece of news to their user. Targeting and messages are crucial, so is timing. 

Stop receiving your daily meditation app reminder while rushing in the subway to catch your train home or the latest shop promotion while in the middle of a professional meeting. 

These are as many missed opportunities that lead customers to forget about your app or even delete it due to non-relevant interactions.


Create triggers that indicate when a user will have a higher chance of being interested in your content (arriving at home, being at a specific location, exiting the office) to generate your engagement, either directly through HEROW’s engagement module or through our partner integrations (Iterable, Mixpanel, Segment, Intercom).


As an end-user, I’ll appreciate receiving content when I NEED it and I’ll be a lot more likely to open your communication, and even build the habit of opening your app in this specific situation, increasing my usage and generating more revenue for you.

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