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You will learn which data can be exported from the HEROW platform and where to find this data. You will also learn how to customize your users’ ID to reconcile these with your external systems and how to leverage on HEROW’s data to power external systems through APIs and partner integrations.


HEROW is a location intelligence solution that allows brands to deliver better experiences for their mobile users. Using its advanced location technology, you can see where your users live, work and go every day. You can also create engagement campaigns and export the data linked with these to your external systems, enhancing users' profies.

What data can be exported from HEROW

HEROW gives you the possibility to export multiple types of data. 

  • Campaign information, to monitor the performance of each notification and in-app actions campaign.
  • Foot traffic information, knowing which user (sorted by deviceId, advertisingId and - if applicable - customId ) went to which zone, how long did they say and whether the app was in the foreground or background.
  • Home and Work location, to associate a deviceId with a country, city and ZIP code for both Home and Work context.

Where can you find these

Go into your settings (pink) and choose th “export” (green) tab to access the export module. Then select the timeframe you wish to apply to your export and just click export. 

How to reconcile your HEROW data with other sources

In order to leverage on the use of HEROW’s data in a wider marketing architecture, you can extract foot traffic information and campaign analytics directly.  


  • Live-event API: notify any external system when a user interacts with a HEROW location (location, Home and Work). 
  • Measure your foot traffic (Zone API): foot traffic information to the zone level. This way you can extract in real-time the audience of any given zone.

Partner Integrations 

HEROW is integrated with multiple partners to leverage on geofencing, segmentation , and analytics capacities. From marketing automation, user behavior analytics or customer data management, HEROW provides you with an extra layer of real-world information to make insightful business decisions.

Notify your external systems when geofence-triggered events take place (entering or leaving a given HEROW location, Home or Work). User attributes based on HEROW’s segmentation features are also available in our partner integrations.

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