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We hope you're doing great since our last product newsletter!  

Slight format change as we released the HEROW Success Center last month... easier to find it back when you need it and a chance to ligthen the content we share by email to include a wider array of information.

From now on, we will share a monthly digest in this very section (New Features Releases) with detailed explanation or how each new feature works. 

Hope you enjoy this new format and as always, do not hesitate to reach out to us if any questions on our novelties!

Local Notification in the foreground

The HEROW SDK now enables you to send notifications when the user is actively using your app. Whether you want to direct your users to specific content through deep linking in your app or want to share the same message to all your users.

This way, your users won't miss your partner slick deal when entering your partnered location, even though they are using the app when doing it.

Notifications Stacking

HEROW helps you create impactful campaigns based on real-world locations. However, until now, each zone could hold only one single campaign. Today, we improved the platform to be able to cumulate more than one campaign per HEROW location. 

Create an entry-triggered drive-to-store campaign and combine it with a Q&A exit-triggered one to open a whole new world of possibilities. 

Mixpanel Integration

At HEROW, our main focus always was (and will remain) to simplify your work while delivering an always-improving experience for your customers. This is why, we're proud to announce the official release of our integration with Mixpanel. 

This integration encompasses the following user events and attributes: 

  • Users’ geofence zones entry and exit events.
  • Users’ geofence Home and Work entry and exit events.
  • Users’ Home and Work city ZIP codes.
  • First user location (just after app installation - ZIP code).

Use the HEROW generated events to complement users' profile and create cohorts based on real-world behavior (like if they entered a specific shop) and analyze their actions in your app (whether or not they made a purchase). Using this integration, you can finally bridge the real-world with online user behavior to take data-driven marketing decisions. 

We hope you enjoyed this first monthly digest on our latest product features. We remain available should you need more information on any of the above and wish you a great week!


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