What you will learn in this article

  • Create your Application on HEROW

  • Find your SDK Credentials

  • Know how to integrate the HEROW SDK

You have just signed-up on HEROW platform, it is now time to integrate the SDK in your app to benefit from HEROW data intelligence and capability.

Create your application on the HEROW platform

  • Log on the platform, on the left side panel, use the scroll-down menu and select the “Add App” option.

  • Fill your application’s name to generate your app’s HEROW environment & SDK credentials. 

Retrieve your SDK credentials

Once your app created on HEROW, you will receive an email with your SDK credentials and links to technical documentation. 

Another option to find your SDK credentials directly in the HEROW platform is 

  • On the left-side panel, open the settings screen

  • In the tab “General”, under “SDK INFORMATION” you will find your SDK credentials

Different Permissions to use HEROW

Our SDK is compatible with Kotlin (Android), Swift/Objectif C (iOS) and has bridges for cross-platform frameworks such as React Native, Flutter, Cordova & Unity.

To work at full capacity, the HEROW SDK requires the following permissions

  • GDPR [Mandatory]: since HEROW collects private data (user location, deviceID), you need to be compliant with GDPR and ask your users the permission to collect and store these data (CCPA restrictions are addressed within GDPR's standards).

Our HEROW native code only asks for the answer to the opt-in status. We don’t provide you pre-built code templates for the pop-up to display to your end-users.

  • Location [Optional]: our SDK mostly relies on location data collected when the app is in the foreground & background. This permission is essential if you want to analyze your users physical behaviours, or trigger experience when users interact with a geofence. 

  • Notification [Optional]: our technology supports notification (push or geofence-based), for it to work, you have to get permission to notify your users. 

Integration Process

The SDK structure is split into different parts, so you can only integrate only what you truly need.

  • [Mandatory] Quickstart toolbox (iOS / Android)
    is the basic package that will active user location, motion detection, smart algorithm, geofence notification.

  • [Mandatory] GDPR Permissions (iOS / Android)
    to control data collection. Approval from end-users must be granted to display any of their information on the HEROW platform. 

  • [Optional] Custom User ID (iOS / Android)
    the SDK uses the DeviceID (deviceID, IDFA, IDFV) as a unique identifier. If you use a different unique identifier, you can set it up here. Having the same unique identifier is very important to combine data from several sources. 

  • [Optional] Activate Push notifications (iOS / Android

You are now ready to test your first geofences and campaigns, congrats!

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