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A bit of Context

For years, mobile publishers have optimized their user journey based on online analytics without any consideration of real-world user context. However, every year, users' attention is shifting more and more from web to mobile. This is why including the physical context of a user into the user journey is a powerful tool to drive up retention and increase overall lifetime value.

HEROW is a location powered platform relying on a mobile SDK to help improve your user experience thanks to a deep understanding of real-life users’ behaviors.

How will HEROW help you to design a powerful application? 


The HEROW SDK relies on two core technologies, geolocation and motion sensing detection. Our team developed a set of proprietary algorithms to optimize location detection and pattern recognition (compared with native geolocation capabilities). Coupled with this, our technology monitor the user’s device (movement status, wifi, battery levels) to draw valuable insights for your business.

Integrate HEROW SDK withing your mobile application is the first step into using our platform 

Learn how to integrate our SDK into your application. 

HEROW Platform

Our platform is designed into four main sections Manage, Analyze, Segment and Engage. These sections are designed to be used together, separate (or automated via APIs) depending on your business needs.

1/ Manage 

Use this section to set-up your environment by creating and monitoring your HEROW locations (blue) foot traffic information and learn about the user base’s distribution (green, yellow and red). This panel also aggregates your users’ Home and Work locations (orange and pink). 

Use these insights to create valuable interactions with your users and focus your development efforts, where your users truly are.

Create and monitor unlimited numbers of locations

Visualize your users' location distribution on your heatmap 

Analyze your users’ home and work locations

2/ Analyze

A deep-dive into your users’ data will help you to adapt your strategy based on where, how, and when your app is being used. By knowing where your users are, you will understand what they like and what content to address them specifically at this moment. 

The Analyse sections can be broken down into 3 different main types of insights (sub-sections)

  • App Usage:
    Understand when (in a given week or even within one single day) and how often (usage recurrence) your users use your app. Couple this with the information of preferred user contexts to precisely know who to engage, where and when to do it. 

  • User Insights
    Oversee your user home and work distribution to understand where your users truly are. Use this data to generate locally relevant interactions. Context interactions (behavior related to home and work) is also available for you to precisely know who to target in which context. 

  • Zone Analytics
    This section enables you to analyze your overall foot traffic from global volume to the average time spent per visit or the distribution within the day. You can also filter these insights down to the category level and compare zones between each other. Find your best-performing contexts and understand which are the best locations within these to replicate success factors.

3/ Segments 

Thanks to our smart location recognition algorithms, you will now benefit from powerful segments based on users’ real-world attributes. 

This will give you the opportunity to broadcast ultra-targeted content & create custom user experience for each and every user.

Target ONLY users living next to your shop thanks to Geographic Segment, or use behavior segmentation to address  “Business travelers”, “Workaholics” or “Gym Addict”. 

  • Custom-made segments
    Create dynamic segments based on recurrence/time spent at certain types of locations

  • Import Segments
    Import your own existing segments to enrich this data with new located attributes and discover specific behavior.

A whole set of native segments is available for you to use based on Users’ Home and Work locations, app usage and recurrence at your HEROW locations.

4/ Engage 

Use our engagement module to trigger unique user experience in and outside of your app based on the physical context and specific users’ segments. 

Stop creating mass and non-personalized engagement campaigns. Address to each user a dedicated message or experience to improve your retention rate and drive up your users’ LTV.

  • In-app actions: optimize your in-app experience

  • Notifications: bring my users back to my app

By linking in-app user experience with real-life context, you will take into consideration what matters to your user and the best the right times and moments.

5/ Export and APIs

Do you already use marketing or analytic tools? Do you want to automate tasks in the HEROW platform? 

Use our APIs to multiply the potential of location data. In addition, HEROW is now compatible with Segment, Intercom & Iterable

We hope you now have a good grasp of what HEROW is and does. If you need more details on any of the above, feel free to contact us through the platform or website’s chat.

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