The use of “use_frameworks!” option in your Podfile avoids you from building or launching your application. The error refers to the Cocoalumberjack or PromiseKit frameworks.

If you need to remove the "use_frameworks!" option from your Podfile, you  will need to add the “-comp” extension after your SDK version 


 pod "HerowLocationDetection", '~> 6.0.0'

By : 

 pod "HerowLocationDetection", '6.0.0-comp' 

If you are using a different version, simply delete "~>" and add “-comp” which will enable you to call an SDK version using already compiled CocoaLumberjack and  PromiseKit versions, overriding the “use_framework” options.

How to remove use_Framework!

Once the SDK version number modified as shown above, just delete this command:


on top of adding “-comp” extension, you should also remove “->” to target this exact version and not “equal or most recent”.

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