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How to leverage HEROW native segments (App Usage, User Locations and User Behaviors) in your engagement strategy.

What to use HEROW native segments for

Using HEROW, you have by default access to smart segments to drive your mobile app's growth. 

These segments are split into 3 different sections: App Usage, segments based on how regularly your users are active on your app; User Locations, segments based on the key locations of users (their home, their work, their favorite locations); User Behaviours, segments based on the interests and habits of your users (ex: frequent travellers, sport enthusiasts).

1/ App Usage (red)

App Usage segments are meant to help you monitor your app’s stickiness (how recurrent is your users’ usage of it)  and user’s operating systems distribution (between iOS and Android). This data, correlated with your different actions (from UI modifications to engagement campaigns), can be used to optimize the use of your app.

Example: start a new proximity-based notification campaign to increase use among occasional users (opened the app twice over the last 10 days) and observe if the overall usage increases.

2/ User Locations (blue)

User Locations segments enable you to oversee and leverage the geographical distribution of your user base, based on where they live or where they work and their favorite places. 

These insights can be used to generate locally relevant actions and avoid spamming the rest of your user base. 

Example: trigger a notification campaign for in-shop promotion in New York available only for people working in New York.

3/ User Behaviors (green)

Associate user behaviors linked with your users’ interests and lifestyle. For example, HEROW allows apps to understand users that spend a lot of time at their work locations. Use these insights to understand who among your users prefer to open their app in which context and what their daily routine looks like.


  • Create morning engagement campaigns for early risers to tell them about a special 20% discount at their local coffee shop before 9:00 AM.

  • Send notification for night food delivery to your late-workers.

  • Create in-app experiences tailored for being used with a lot of background noise for your users that usually open your app in the crowded metro.

Like all other segments, HEROW native segments are customizable to build inclusive ("and") or exclusive ("or")user groups and associated them specific engagement campaigns. 

Leverage the HEROW native segments to improve your engagement targeting and  measure the impact of the decisions you are making, everyday.

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