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The different segment (non-native) options available on HEROW, how each one of these works and what to use them for. 

  • Connect your segments

  • Create Custom segments

What to use segments for

Using HEROW you can create an unlimited number of user segments to target interactions based on multiple criteria. To associate users with each segment, HEROW utilizes the user’s device ID (IDFV) or advertising ID (IDFA). However, you can also use custom IDs to link HEROW with your existing external systems (more information on iOS and Android).

1/ Manually import segments through our CSV files

Using the HEROW interface you can upload lists of users’ device ID based on specific common behavior and associate a segment title and description. Use this import method for non-dynamic segments which only require to be updated periodically.


  • Use the sample file (red) to follow the correct nomenclature.

  • DeviceID & AdertisingID are supported by default by HEROW but you can also use customID (more information on iOS and Android).

Example: your newsletter recipients to be updated every month.

2/ Create custom segments 

Use the HEROW custom segments to group users based on their behaviors (red) at the locations that matter to you: locations (entry or exit)/app open, recurrence/duration (number of times vs overall duration) to a particular (set of) place(s) within a given timeframe. 

Use custom segments to create groups of users matching the same location patterns (went to the same gym chain/store 3 times last month).

3/ Automatically import segments through our API

Use our Segment API (online documentation) to fetch,  import, update and delete users’ lists dynamically from your external systems. Trigger the automated segment creation based on a specific behavior in your app.

Example: users who purchased product X at shop Y last month and are to receive an invitation to an in-shop private event.

All segments are combinable to create cumulative or exclusive groups for targeted campaigns. Cumulate your native segments (more information in our HEROW native segments article) with the right created/imported one and start leveraging both systems together to ultimately generate superior engagement campaigns.


> Create a coherent nomenclature to name your segments based on both category and objective (example: Wine & Dine enthusiasts - Retention).

> Be mindful of the and (cumulative) and or (exclusive) criteria in the campaign set up options to define your campaigns’ target groups.


> To find your company API Key, go directly to "Your settings" > "API" > "API Keys".

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