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This article covers the application of Home and Work contexts. From adapting your development strategy to creating targeted engagement campaigns. Home & Work are available individually in the manage section and aggregated in the User Insights subsection of the Analyze section.

What to use these for

Home and Work are ideal contexts for engagement so knowing where your users live and work happens to be a must-have. HEROW uses machine-learning algorithms to detect recurring patterns around specific locations and precisely triangulates users’ home and work positions. 

Note: to reach an accuracy rate of 95%, HEROW requires on average 10 days of user data to determine where users’ home and work are located. 

Once this information available, you can use these for multiple purposes: 

1/ Adapt communication and partnerships to where users live and work

Know where your user base is located throughout the day (and night) and therefore adapt the marketing strategy of your app based on demographics linked with these locations. You can also use this distribution information to densify your partnership effort in some specific parts of town.

2/ Trigger engagement at user Home and Work locations

Trigger user interactions in relation with these 2 preferred moments to generate high yielding campaigns. You can also generate geographically relevant user interaction (promoting a local shop or a geographically-bounded offer) using Home or Work location as a key segmenting factor (more information in our native segment article).

A few applied example:

> Correlate the Home & Work locations with your local transportation hub to find the hubs where your users are commuting by every day.

> Trigger Dormant User reactivation campaigns at Home on the weekend to maximize the chances of renewed interactions.

>  Correlate your users’ distribution with neighborhoods/city demographics to A/B test offers and partnerships matching closer to your population’s preferences.

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