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This article covers HEROW's heatmap and how to extract valuable user insights from it.

What to use the heatmap for

The heatmap enables you to access all the position statements made by your users’ devices over a given time period. You can differentiate the background location (app opened in the background or closed) and the foreground (app being actively used) and observe user distribution everywhere someone has your app. 

1/ Understand key moments of user activity
By modulating the timeframe used for display, you can analyze differences between weekdays and weekends or between specific periods of the year (public holidays, summer, national days off) to extract insights.

2/ Understand key locations of user activity

Using this data, one can quickly visualize where its user base is located and take appropriate actions.

3/ Identify new opportunities

The heatmap can also be used as a prospecting tool. Find area/cities where your user base is already located but your service is still absent and use this foot traffic information to start prospecting potential new locations.

A few applied examples

> Monitor your users' distribution to take action on your partnership development efforts.

> Leverage users' distribution information to create offline marketing campaigns where your users already are.

> Measure your offline marketing campaigns success, by measuring user activity at the locations and timeframe of the campaigns

> Find the hottest areas in town with high user activity and/or traffic (e.g my app is used a lot in stadiums/airports) to optimize your UI.

> Compare where your app is used vs where your users go otherwise (e.g my users use my app mostly at home and not so much when they are at work, why?)

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